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4 07 2013
Those of you who have used for practising their maths will be familiar with the games on offer and the gains that children can make in their mental maths skills. The site is now branching out into grammar (which your child can already access) and now writing. We received the following message below – please do sign up, it seems a really good offer!
As you may know, we’re working on a new part of the Sumdog website: Sumdog Writing. To make sure it works well, we now need to test it with real students.
We’re looking for groups of children who know each other to play, aged 7-11 inclusive. The test sessions will be held on weeknights during August, at 6.30pm. You take part from home, and it’ll last less than an hour. 
All participants will recieve a family subscription for three months for their troubles - if we can get 10 or more children from the same class taking part, we’ll make the subscription a year for all of them (worth £48 for each child).
Parents should register their interest before 20th July on this link: 

Maths methods to practise with your child at home

29 01 2013

Following on from today’s sessions with parents please find the video clips below which should prove a useful reminder when working with your child:

Addition using a number line

Addition using partitioning

Subtraction using a numberline ‘Finding the difference’

Division using the chunking method

Multiplying large numbers using the box method

Please leave any feedback using the comment box below. Are there other areas of Maths you would like to see put on for example?

Types of rock and the rock cycle

10 01 2013

Rocks and the Rock cycle

Click on the link to watch a video that explains the 3 different types of rock: Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic.

Year 3 & 4 Christmas songs for our production

1 12 2012

Children in Classes 5, 6 & 7 are busy learning their lines and songs for the upcoming Christmas production. Parents will be able to watch it during the afternoon and evening of Tuesday 18th December. Click on this link to listen to the songs and practise singing along! This seems to be working now as the site had taken down their songs but have then decided to upload them again!

We meet Wolves FC!

20 11 2012

As part of our ongoing link work with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and ‘Reading Stars’ a group of children visited the stadium and training facilities. They enjoyed a guided tour of the dressing rooms, press area, boot room and were able to meet many of the players. The children are working on a special project encouraging reading for pleasure and written research into subjects they find enjoyable, such as football! See more pictures at the Wolves Community Trust website.

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Maths parent workshops

11 10 2012

Today we invited our parents into a number of Maths lessons taking place across the school to share the methods used and strategies taught. These sessions were a great success with many parents now feeling much more confident when helping their child at home.

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Visit from a Viking

14 09 2012

There we were in the school grounds in the middle of a Literacy lesson when suddenly we heard the sound of a horn. Wondering what this strange noise could be, we investigated…only to find a Viking trader had set up camp in our forest school area! We then learnt how the Vikings really don’t deserve their reputation for being savages as Gregolf (the Viking visitor) was a trader who had travelled far and wide. The children were able to handle a range of artefacts and were thoroughly immersed in the Viking world.

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Welcome back to a new year

12 09 2012

The term is underway now and what exciting times we have had already, not least the children trying out our new fencing equipment!

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Guard of Honour – Olympics 2012

27 07 2012

What an amazing experience we had! All of our work with LOCOG culminated with the once in a lifetime opportunity to form a guard of honour for the Olympic athletes as they entered the stadium during the evening of the opening ceremony. Yes, we did get that close to Usain Bolt as well as meeting Chris Hoy, Tom Daley, Oscar Pistorius and many more inspirational figures. Memories to treasure for all of us…

A game to help you learn about Viking settlements

22 07 2012

Those of you in Class 5, 6 or 7 will be learning about the Vikings during the Autumn  term. Here’s a game to download that will get you thinking about where Vikings would choose to settle and why.

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